I/C Principal Dr. K. G. Rajan

The orgin of present brand of MCC as a bright star in the educational sphere of Mumbai can be traced back to the commitment and vision of the Parle Tilak Vidyalaya Association's Mulund College of Commerce Committee and of the first Principal Dr. B. G. Bapat. Dr. Bapat's indefatigable efforts to lay strong foundation of this Commerce College have become a guiding light for managing Mulund College that has become an educational institute contributing immensely to the students's progress and turning it into a valuable social asset. Principal A. D. Oak in his long innings expanded the educational and all other activities that brought laurels to the college while ushering in computer technology new courses and promoting research by staff. Principal L. S. Bhole continued such efforts adding dimensions to enrich the college curricular and extra-curricular activities. Courses such as B. Sc. IT & BMS were started. Two state level seminars proved a land mark making MCC known all over Maharashtra. Principal Dr. (Mrs.) G. Rodrigues emphasized personality developement and linking higher education to industrial needs. She ably met the challenge of getting NAAC's "A' Grade to the college it being the first NAAC Accreditation. Principal Dr. D. G. Deshpande's efforts to intensify these educational pursuits added benefits to the students and staff. His encouragement to the staff for research projects and presenting papers in international conferences and seminars proved fruitful. Principal Dr. (Mrs.) S. M. Diwanji widened the academic sphere by introducing specialized self financing courses. She too succeeded in maintaining NAAC'S "A' Grade for the college. Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Parvathi Venkatesh focused on research getting research center in Commerce with specialization in Business Economics. This has benefitted staff members. She too continued all-sideds efforts to maintain NAAC'S "A" grade for the college.

I congratulate our past students Ms. Madhurika Patkar & Ms. Pooja Sahasrabuddhe for being winners in Table Tennis tournament at the Commonwealth Games held in Gold Coast this year. As In-charge Principal since 1-12-2017, I am proud of this heritage of the college and grateful to the PTVA'S Management for placing their confidence in me. I feel inspired to devote myself for bringing greater success to this renowned college. I was fortunate to be the Co-ordinator twice for preparing NAAC self study report. In depth analysis of various requirement and college achievements has given me insight for smooth and effective administration of college. I feel duty-bound to add to the excellent results from 12th standard to B.Com & M. Com., to encourage students to excel in sports and cultural activities to encourage staff and non-teaching to devote their work and to maintain good relations at the university and government level. Above all, I wish our college should become increasingly the means to serve the poor students and help them enrich their lives. Of course, the bright students deserve appreciation and no stone will be left unturned for helping them too.