Mulund College has been conferred with Autonomous Status from academic year 2021-22. The college is now autonomous for first year of ug and pg programmes
“There is nothing in this world as sacrosanct as knowledge”
Dear Students,

I hope all of you are well and safe at home. Our country, state and city are in the grip of coronavirus. We are into the fourth week of lockdown and have two more weeks to go. In times such as these, it is best to be at home secure and with all your loved ones around you. I understand you may be feeeling stressed due to the uncertainties of the present situation we are facing. Many of you may have made various plans of either pursuing higher education or professional degrees in India or abroad. But sometimes, we plan but life takes an unusual turn. How we cope up with such unexpected twists and turns determines our future.

I wish to reassure you that the current condition will pass and we will emerge out of this crisis as stronger persons. Those of you who are awaiting the commencement of examinations, please do keep contact with your teachers and coordinators. The University will issue guidelines regarding how the FY/SY/TY and PG examinations will be held. For students of Std. XI, there will be some directives regarding your final examination. Please check the college website for information on the same. Do not believe the messages that you may receive on social media. As and when the University makes an official announcement, we will announce it on our college website and through your coordinators. Until then, keep studying. The examination pattern may differ and may not be in the format you are accustomed to. Study in a manner that no matter what the pattern or format be, you will be able to fare well.

The best way of looking at this period is to make best use of the time at your disposal. I'm sure you will be able to find one hour daily to learn something new. It could be pursuing your hobby, learning a new language, art or craft, music or a professional course. Ensure that you make conscious efforts to enhance your CVs during this time. When the crisis ends, you will be surprised to see how well you have coped with the situation and equipped yourself with better life skills. We at MCC will shortly launch a few online certificate courses that you can register for. Look out for the announcement on our website soon. Keeping a positive attitude will help you go a long way.

However, if you feel too anxious, stressed or disturbed by the present conditions, you may contact our college counsellor.

Real life heroes are those who keep smiling in difficult times, turn adverse situations into favourable ones. Many years later, when you will narrate stories of these weeks, you must become the heros who say: I didn't let my spirit dampen, I stayed at home and stayed positive.

Take care, good luck.

Dr. Sonali Pednekar