Mulund College has been conferred with Autonomous Status from academic year 2021-22
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College Festivals and Publications

College Festivals

The vibrancy, energy and vibes of colleges manifest through their festivals which are held through immense dedication of students. The pulse of Mulund College of Commerce can be experienced through the festivals that we organise each year. The gist is as under-

Comfest – The department of Commerce holds this festival to take the students into the world of Business and Commerce. The jaw dropping and nail-biting competitions make you outperform your own self. Catch a glimpse at Insta handle- mcc_comfest

Emporio- The economics department keeps the students on their toes in this festival of economics and finance. If money matters to you, this should as well! Insta handle- mcc_emporio

Inspira- It is a festival organised by the Department of Management Studies and gives a sneak peek of the corporate world to young students. The festival has events and games that are built around the theme of leadership, management, team building, financial investments, etc. Find out more about in on insta handle – mccinspira

Manthan- Churning of thoughts is a literary event organised by the department of BAF BBI and BFM. Manthan organizes three events, Speechify-elocution competition, Karwan-Poetry writing and recitation and, WARtalap-debate competition.

Math Wonder- The wonderful world of numbers is made more interesting and exciting by the department of Computer Science. Even the school students from the neighbourhood take a huge interest in attending this exhibition!

Muse- Films have huge influence on our lives. Muse under the department of media studies  orgnanises film screenings to learn about the intricacies of film making from media perspectives.  The screenings bring joy of appreciating and learning cinema with peers and mentors.  It also helps students enrich their own contents.

Panache – This festival is run by the Media Department of the College. If you have the flare for journalism, cinema, writing, advertisement, and everything built around it, just go for it! Insta handle- mcc_panache

Quantomania – The Mathematics department entertains the maniacs of quantitative skills and keeps people enthralled in the world of numbers! Insta handle- mcc_quantomania

Soch- It is an annual inter-collegiate entrepreneurial event organised by the Department of Management Studies. The event focuses on encouraging budding entrepreneurs and motivates them to think out of the box and come up with new business ideas. Insta handle- mcc_soch

Shodh- The department of Banking and Insurance organizes research competition for the young researchers where they are trained and mentored to present their research projects which are evaluated by the experts. The competition is a wonderful platform for young research enthusiasts.

Spectrum- The college organizes inter-collegiate cultural and sports festival around December each year. The festival receives a huge response from the colleges across University of Mumbai.  It is a festival that defines the vibe of the college. You can explore more on the insta handle- mcc_specturm  

Technobeat – It is a festival organised by the Department of Information Technology and Computer Science. It has events that cover the latest in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science. Join the festival for fun, frolic and learning! Insta handle- mcc_technobeat  


College Publications

Writing is an essential skill to build a career and create identity. The college offers multiple avenues for students to channelise their writing flare and spell the charm of words.

Commercium- It is a periodical published by the Department of Commerce and helps students write analytical pieces on the world of commerce and business.

E-cognisance- Department of Law annually publishes this e newsletter which helps students express their legal opinions in an articulate manner.

Finanza- The department of Financial Markets publishes this periodical which covers the nuances from the world of finance and investments.

Inspira- This Bi-annual newsletter from the department of management studies covers news, articles, poems and essays that are contributed and edited by the students of the department.

Pratibimb- Department of BAF and BBI bring out this bi-monthly theme-based publication. It is a highly encouraging space for budding writers to get a wide readership.

Shutterspeed- It is a Bi-annual Newsletter from the department of media studies. The newsletter has a team of skilled student editors which mentor budding student writers, bloggers, and photographers to report the events and activity of college in a way that captures the inherent richness and vibrancy of college life.

Vision- The college annual magazine – Vision is the forum for students to express their creativity and writing skills. It also highlights the achievement of the college and its students. It is a reflection of the year that passed by.