Mulund College has been conferred with Autonomous Status from academic year 2021-22, NEP implemented from 2023-24
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Mulund College Of Commerce

‘‘Spectrum 2023-2024’’

Academic Year: 2023-24

Name of Department: Cultural Forum

Teacher In- Charge: Ms. Pooja Patil

Student In-charge: Mr. Manas Agarwal


P.T.V. A’S Mulund College of Commerce presents Spectrum 23' - 24’. Spectrum is the Annual Cultural Inter-Collegiate Festival of Mulund College of Commerce organized by the students of the college. It is all about talent, innovation and spirit which encourages students to participate in different events other than academics to make the college life of students more fun and interesting.

Vision - "To establish a distinguished cultural festival recognized for its dedication, to fostering a vibrant, inclusive community that embraces diversity, promotes artistic excellence, and inspires lifelong cultural appreciation."

Mission - To foster cultural appreciation, creativity, and unity among our college community by curating an annual cultural festival that celebrates diversity, encourages artistic expression, and promotes cross-cultural understanding


This year, Cultural Forum Teachers Day with great enthusiasm and joyfulness on September 5, 2023. The event was a fruitful and was a tribute to the dedicated educators who plays an important role in shaping the future of each and every student. The celebration was hosted by a great duo of Tanmaya Bagwe and Divya Mishra, two of the collage’s brightest students. All the esteemed faculty members were present for the event, creating an atmosphere of warmth, unity and happiness. Their presence represented the respect they hold for teaching profession and deep bond they share with their beloved students.


The Friendship Day Celebration at PTVS Mulund College of Commerce, organized by the Culture Forum “Spectrum,” was a day filled with joy, camaraderie, and competitive spirit. With 20 pairs of students eager to showcase their friendship, the event was a resounding success. The event kicked off at 9 am with a burst of energy as participants gathered at the college venue. The competition was divided into two thrilling rounds. First round was a Multiple Tasks Extravaganza In this first round, participants were put to the test with a series of challenging tasks, all timed to keep the adrenaline flowing. Second round was a Surprise Round. The second round added an element of surprise and kept participants on their toes with unexpected challenges. The culmination of this event saw the triumphant pair of Tania and Disha from SYBAMMC declared as the winners, earning well-deserved recognition for their friendship and teamwork.


The induction ceremony served as a significant event, bringing together the heads of each department for a formal introduction and the distribution of batches. The event highlighted and symbolized the official announcement of their roles and responsibilities. The event helped heads to connect with volunteers highlighting the unity in the forum. The event helped the heads to show their gratitude and greatness towards their respective roles. Overall, the induction ceremony not only marked the official beginning of the department heads' responsibilities but also created a positive and inclusive atmosphere within the college, setting the tone for a collaborative and successful academic year.


Theme reveal was started with the traditional day as to start a holy and peaceful beginning of the fest. Through worship for gods. The Talented actor Mr. Fahmaan Khan unveiled the banner of spectrum 2023-24 which was followed by a flashmob by the dance department with heads of each department. Later, a grand Dhol Tasha performance was done to start an energetic fest with enthusiasm.



The Fest kick started with the Pre-Events, it started with Ran-Bhoomi a was a fun cricket event in which cricket enthusiasts participated and involved the whole college. The second event was Techno-hunt- a fun treasure hunt game with the fun twist by our wonderful event heads, IPL Auction- the game full of cricketing and mathematical knowledge to prove participants presence of mind. Departmental Wars- the most awaited event of spectrum to witness the wars between the departments, Kick-Off – a journey where players kick start their dreams and set the best goals for everyone and to achieve the greatest heights, Stall Bazaar- The unique opportunity for students to showcase and sell your products within the college with minimum entry fees and high earnings.


The hype of the Fest continued with different days like monotone day, drip day, Bollywood day, gang day, traditional day, tie and saree day. The Fest started on 18 December and events were started with a bang there were many events which covered flagship events, Performing arts, Literary arts, Business events, Gaming events, Photography EVENTS, Sports events, Spectrum special events and technical events.

Flagship events covered Mr. & Ms. Spectrum which covered a palette of possibilities and showcase your fashion in every shades to show your inner voice with the color palettes, Kurukshetra- to showcase your intelligence, strength and speed in outdoors with your team mates, Thrills at the table- the event where time is the only luck you have with fortune in your hands, Kaal- Chakra- Test your knowledge about the yugs in history, Ground Zero- Prove your dance skills and highlighted themselves  in a dance battle, How I met your murderer- The students found the killer with the intense and chill environment.

Performing arts included Natyaras- Perform and showcase your acting talent on the stage with the correct amount and tint of drama was shown by students, Untitled- the ultimate rap event which provoked a rapper in students and gave them the stage to project it, Suro ki Mehfil- the singer in students didn’t keep calm and gave the event high amount of enjoyment.

Literary arts included Poetic Bliss- the great patience of students was appreciated to create different poems, Talk by Trial- students understood and proved their points successfully and debated with each other, Anime-con- as the great hype of anime our event challenged every other anime lover to play a quiz, Ishq-e-cinema- a cool Bollywood enthusiast was welcomed and given a fun quiz to play with

Business Events covered Arthashastra- participants traded in a intense and played a fun way with presence of mind and intelligence, Suit-up – participants solved the mystery and dispute between employees and H.R. Gaming events included great online events like Stumble guys, BGMI, Valorant and Clash of clans which hyped participants to play joyfully. There was a photography event for every photo enthusiast which was named Lens Legends- where every legend showcased their photography skills and amazed everyone.

Sports events covered Tug Titans- Participants pulled each other upon their knees and presented their strength in front of the college, Chess wizards- presentation of cleverness, intelligence and brain power by the participants, Ace the Board- the game presented to carom enthusiasts for enthusiastic players, Neon Cricket- the glow of the game lighted the enthusiasm of the participants with the glow of the pitch.

Sports events included Modern feud game full of twist and turns by the survey of modern feud, Burp- the participants were given interesting food combinations of dishes. Technical events covered Key Board Ninja- Participants joined a typing speed on the keyboard and ran their fingers throughout. The fourth day of Spectrum ended with the fun DJ Night.